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About AVPSY (no spoilers, just the general atmosphere)

- The show just ended and was about 5 hours long.

- People messed up lines, forgot cues, lyrics, songs, etc., but considering this was the first time all of them did the entire show non-stop, this is a pretty effing amazing achievement.

i cant hold the emotions in any longer!! TT___TT

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cause my friends are awesome,

they made this for me! YAY. HAHA.

watch it if you have the time. :D

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Holy Musical B@man

finally got the friggin time to finish the musical. :))

First I kinda didnt like it, but theeeen it got better and better and awesome. :)) (as expected from TSK) anyway. overall. IT WAS EFFIN GREAT. hands down to those awesome people. it would have been better if i got to watch it live. :)) anyhoo. hats off to awesome quick changes by Dylan Saunders, Lauren Lopez, and Nick Strauss. Jamie-Lyn Beatty did an amazing job on being Candy (Sweet Tooth’s *squeal* uh. like babe) and I have a new addiction!!!! besides Joe Walker and Brian Holden. (who are both awesome as Bat-man and Superman respectively)


SWEET TOOTH! *faint* soo.. sooo.. awesome.. soooo perfect. evil yet crazy and i dont know. :)) he’s sooo epic. jim carrey, the joker, the grinch and the mask all roll into one. :)) WOOO. he’s hot too. 

he’s hot as sweet tooth. he’s hotter when he’s just Jeff. OHMYDEAR :)) how many guys can pull off white fluffy hair and frosted lips in a pink suit pulling out candies just to make a pun?? my word. :)) 

TEAM STARKID. you’ll be the death of me


So yeah. we rehearsed for 4 weeks or more. we had our ups and downs. we had our adhd moments, our hungry moments, basically our crazy moments. 


it has been 5 years since I did a musical, and this is my greatest experience of being part of one EVER. *i actually got a lead* I never thought i’d had this new set of friends that really are now close to me, despite knowing them just a month ago. (try rehearsing everyday for 4 hours. we were bound to get close)

i’ll miss going to podium. ill miss hugging everyone, saying see you tomorrow. ill miss rolling on the floor. :)) i’ll miss my instant make-shift family. (of course I’m the mom) i’ll miss the crazy jokes with Raj,Jigo and the other crazy dudes. ILL MISS EVERYONE.

these kids *ehem* (Technically they’re kids cause they’re like in HS well some are freshmen college students..BUT STILL! ) lol. ARE SO FRIGGIN AWESOME. talented and very very friendly/crazy/down-to-earth people. i dont regret entering trumpets playshop and meeting this awesome dudes and dudettes.

words arent enough to express my feelings!

I’ll miss you guys! I LOVE YOU! ROCK ON MTE’11. Ill see you. ;)

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